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Plant Technology

SMS is able to provide high-quality planting material, on a large scale, that perfectly suits our clients’ needs and expectations

To support ECOM farmers from the beginning of the growing process, we have partnered with leading scientific institutions to establish a unique structure to support farmers’ land recovery and provide them with affordable, high-quality seedlings.

In 2004, CIRAD and ECOM began a public-private strategic alliance, giving birth to Agritech, ECOM’s laboratory located in Nicaragua. Subsequently, further partnerships were forged, partnering Agritech to World Coffee Research, the World Cocoa Foundation, CATIE and many other national and international institutions.

With a production capacity recently estimated at 1 million embryos per year, Agritech is one of the world’s biggest labs, capable of supplying clients with productive, disease and climate-resistant varieties, preserving an outstanding cup profile. Its diversified catalog of cocoa and coffee varieties offers an unmatched choice to clients and SMS farmers. We promote a sustainable way to foster farms’ renovation and to mitigate the impact of climate change.

Driving innovation at scale, SMS manages a large network of commercial nurseries, enabling its agronomists to quickly reproduce Agritech’s embryos. Thanks to groundbreaking reproducing protocols validated with CIRAD, we are able to maximize  the potential of every seed, and to attend to large order, with 22m+ coffee plants delivered in 2017.

In light of endogenous pest and disease and the mounting impact of climate change, SMS endeavors to leverage its innovations to strengthen the coffee sector resilience for the long term. Resistant varieties at scale are a critical step in that direction. To that end, SMS has been a key partner of Starbucks’ program “One Tree for Every Bag®” since 2016.

Key Partners

  • 1m+

    Arabica hybrids embryos production capacity

  • 11

    countries delivered by Agritech

  • 22m+

    plants distributed (2017) to 20m
    plants distributed (2019)

CIRAD Partnership, Mexico and Nicaragua

Generally speaking, highly productive farming systems have delivered lower quality coffees and high quality agro forestry has lower productivity.

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Indigo Agricultural Microbial Technology, Ivory Coast

ECOM Agroindustrial Corp. Ltd partnered with Indigo to trialtheir company’s microbial product for cotton in Ivory Coast.

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AMSA Coffee Nurseries, Mexico

In 2014, Starbucks Mexico visited AMSA in Jaltenango, where they witnessed the sad images of coffee tree Rust disease which had impacted that area.

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