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Farming Technology

Working with a network of 700,000+ farmers, SMS is gathering a large number of data points to enrich ECOM’s knowledge of its farmers and help customize the best services possible.

SMS Integrity is a unique platform that acts as both an automatized data collection tool for field staff and a platform from which our clients can access key data about their suppliers. We are able to leverage digital technologies to improve our support of rural communities and to foster transparency from the field to clients’ warehouses.

Thanks to a highly trained team of surveyors, we are able to collect a wide range of metrics in the most rural areas. A cutting-edge, automated process enable the data to be validated and analyzed in near real time, turning mapping, productivity and socio-economic data points into actionable intelligence we can leverage to deliver to farmers and our clients.

This unique, seamless data collection and analysis process has so far enabled SMS to reach out to more than 350,000 coffee and cocoa farmers, thereby illuminating our clients’ supply chains.

With an unmatched granularity in farmers’ data, we are able to extract valuable analysis by cross-referencing it with macro-level data, providing ECOM and its clients with reliable risk management and impact assessment tools.

Having built in-house development capacities, SMS has been able to swiftly upgrade and roll out new digital tools, and sustain its technological edge by answering field agronomist needs as well as its clients’ mounting demand for reliable data and metrics.

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  • 300k+

    farmers registered (2017)

  • 16

    SMS countries in the platform (2017)

Bosawas Reserve Outgrower Project, Nicaragua

An SMS nurtured agroforestry project of NicaFrance Foundation, to promote agro-forestry and reverse deforestation, encompasses 138 farms all surveyed with data from SMS Integrity.

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Theobroma Cocoa Processing Solar Powered, Nigeria

The Theobroma Cocoa factory in Nigeria is preparing to install a large and sustainable energy system from Alfen B.V., of Almere, the Netherlands.

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IFC & Indo Cafco, Indonesia

Providing training to improve productivity and create a network for a global supply chain.

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