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Farm Management

SMS is leveraging its years of local experience and strong ties with local stakeholders to provide farm management services, tailored to its diverse portfolio of clients.

Our technicians and agronomists provide a complete package of farm management solutions – including weather monitoring, financial and cash flow management and soil analysis – to owners and investors willing to comply with our commitment to sustainability.

Thanks to strong synergies between our portfolio of services and ECOM’s unique network of relationships, we can help manage every step of the crop cycle, from variety selection to quality testing and shipping. Our inclusive management model enables us to tailor our services to our clients’ needs, offering flexibility over the business model. And always with the same dedication toward yielding sustainable value creation.

Through our farm management services offering, we are promoting our code of conduct beyond the traditional scope of smallholders farming, fostering further transparency, accountability and good practices at different scales of the coffee value chain.

  • 40

    farms managed across Latin America & Africa

  • 4


  • 10,000+

    hectares under management

Sustainable Palm Oil Chiapas, Mexico

On March 18th, 2017, the Uumbal Palm Oil operations in Tabasco & Chiapas, Mexico formally opened with an inaugural tour which encompassed La Sombra, the 2,100 hectare plantation of which 600 hectares are held as a reserve.

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Bosawas Reserve Outgrower Project, Nicaragua

An SMS nurtured agroforestry project of NicaFrance Foundation, to promote agro-forestry and reverse deforestation, encompasses 138 farms all surveyed with data from SMS Integrity.

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