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Agro Inputs Distribution

SMS supports farmers’ productivity by enabling them to access affordable and high-quality agricultural inputs. Farmers benefit from the expertise of our teams, whose field access and knowledge aid in the sustainable use of a wide array of inputs.

We help build local capacities by integrating agricultural inputs into our credit system, which is adapted to farmers’ cash flow and allows for credit repayment at harvest.

The extensive use of demonstration plots creates the opportunity for training in the use of inputs and the validation of their alignments with certification programs.

The local knowledge of our SMS teams allows for the betterment of local capacities in input use, and strengthens farm productivity to the benefit of farmers and SMS alike. The cross-pollination of ideas and the collection of expertise and experiences increase the distribution network, and are rapidly expanding throughout ECOM’s origins.

We also strive to promote innovative solutions to reduce the use of agrochemicals in the field. We incentivize farmers through organic certifications training schemes. And we have been fostering the development of agroforestry clusters, which encourage soil conservation and crop protection, thereby significantly reducing the use of agro-inputs without impairing farmers’ productivity.

Partnerships with leading research institutions, such as the CIRAD, have enabled us to support the development of cutting-edge technologies to decrease farmer dependency on agro inputs. As an authorized retailer of the BROCAP® coffee berry borers trap, developed in partnership with CIRAD, we are committed to sustainable, agro-inputs free solutions.

Key Partners


  • 77

    organic products offering (Indonesia, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Mexico, Ecuador)

  • 350

    different products from 40 suppliers

  • 90,000+

    BROCAP® trap distributed

Success in the Fields, Ecuador

In 2016, the SMS team in Ecuador worked directly with 1,563 Utz certified cocoa producers and 27 organic certified cocoa producers.

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Training for UTZ and RA Certification, Yara, Nigeria

Building on the successful experiences in Ivory Coast, the Yara cocoa sustainability project seeks to increase farmer yields through training in:

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Sustainable Pesticide Practice Achievements, Indonesia

Lampung provincial government ordered 92,500 Brocap traps from SMS Indonesia, allowing them to create up to 10 jobs.

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