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Our Producers

The core of ECOM’s business is its fruitful relationship with its suppliers. SMS’ close-knit network of agronomists is able to deliver tailored services to our suppliers, guiding them on matters ranging from certification advisory services to planting material and financial inclusion.

While aiming to build up local capacities, SMS strives to provide the necessary goods and services for our suppliers to benefit from their partnership with ECOM.

Suppliers receive the closest attention from our field staff, who are locally accessible and at their disposal.  As such,  ECOM is a key partner for farming communities, reinforcing the Group’s ability to deliver the right services and strengthening its focus on its original clients: the farmers.

The core of ECOM’s business relies on a fruitful relationship with its suppliers.

SMS Diversified Trainings, Kenya

5 year project in Kenya with a goal of 60,000 small holder farmers to create viable smallholder coffee farming systems, and offer long-term business opportunities for 2.4 million smallholder coffee farms and 16 million people dependent on the sector.

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Bosawas Reserve Outgrower Project, Nicaragua

An SMS nurtured agroforestry project of NicaFrance Foundation, to promote agro-forestry and reverse deforestation, encompasses 138 farms all surveyed with data from SMS Integrity.

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Success in the Fields, Ecuador

In 2016, the SMS team in Ecuador worked directly with 1,563 Utz certified cocoa producers and 27 organic certified cocoa producers.

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